Letters from the Oman Trail – Dawn

Letters from the Oman Trail – Dawn

When living in a city, the early morning hours are often painful. Leaving the comfort of a bed to go waste the day in an office is no motivation. Being cramped in a box between concrete buildings hiding the horizon is no help either. No perspective, no window to life, trapped in nonsense pressures and in a hurry to go nowhere. Think of it, an alarm clock is urging you to get going, like a drill instructor out of Full Metal Jacket ! Who wants to start a day in alarming fashion ?!

Out in the wild, there is no alarm. The sun light is here to open your eyes in a peaceful and progressive manner. You’re waking up with nature, following its rhythm, zen. Dawn is now the most magical hour of your day. Away from the rush and the noise, it’s a spectacle. It’s exciting. It gives you time to admire the beginning of a new day, to celebrate life.

It’s also a new adventure for me. I am on my way to Oman, but I have a vague idea how to reach my destination. Deep down, I trust my surroundings to guide me through as they wish. No imposed map, no timing set, I’m here to get lost and open my eyes. Let’s go…

Sunrise in the desert
Sunrise in the Arabian desert


  1. Dude, this blog (both the great writing and the gorgeous photos) is one of the best I’ve seen! Going to Oman in a few weeks and all your great posts have made me really excited. We will be camping, any supplies you wish you had brought that you would recommend for us to bring?

  2. Thank you, appreciated.
    I kept it to a minimum. Everybody has their level of comfort. Mine is rather low. Just be careful if going to the mountains, like Jabal Shams or Jabal Akhdar, the temperatures there at night are much cooler than on average, a lot of people camping there during the winter don’t bring the right type of sleeping bag thinking it will be hot. It ain’t.
    Enjoy Oman, it’s just beautiful.