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Paul Robida

Paul Robida

A french passport and a camera, living in the back of a white Jeep, lost somewhere.


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Our guiding principles

Travel as an adventure, a way of life, where, with no other purpose than to enrich ourselves, we let curiosity guide us through the unknown.

Constantly improvising in the course of encounters and discoveries, travel must become an exploration again, far from the common grounds where all is now standardized. We must take the time to appreciate nature and people, rediscover the diversity of cultures, the treasures of certain traditions, folklores or gastronomies that make a place truly authentic. We must embrace novelty, we must welcome difference.

This blog is an invitation to explore off the beaten track, it be around your house or at the far end of the world, with the desire to get lost and open your eyes.

Our rubrics

Travel Guides

You’re not sight seeing with us, you are exploring !

More than just combining a list of traveling tips and attractions, we make sure that the journey between each referenced location is as exciting as possible, making your trip a real adventure. We select and document the most scenic routes and trails for you to see what others don’t.


As much as we prefer a good night under the stars in the most remote locations, if we are to stay in a hotel, it better be a really good one. We know how hard it can be to find a good place to stay while traveling far from the main touristic areas. Worst, we are picky and on a budget. In this section we review and critique the places we have been.


Less is more !

We like to go against the flow, and avoid the marketing noise. After all adventure isn’t so much about gears, it’s about you. We review what we like and tell you why you might need it… Or not !


Life on a road less traveled can put you in uncomfortable situations, if not danger, if unprepared. With those tutorials we try to share our experience on key issues to help you stay safe.


We’re vegan but open minded. After all traveling is all about discovery and respect of other’s traditions and culture. In this section we help you travel while being vegan, but also dare discover the cuisine that makes a particular place unique.


The latest news in regards to travel and us.


An opinion isn’t a fact. Just what we think at a point in time, until we change our mind.


The editor’s notes from the field. Sharing his traveling experiences, his moods, impressions and pictures while exploring. is a member of can be seen in the following