Cambria Beach Lodge by Moonstone Beach, CA – Our review

Cambria Beach Lodge by Moonstone Beach, CA – Our review

“Cambria Beach Lodge is a roadside hotel reimagined – Just with surf, wine, and one of the most beautiful sunsets you have ever seen”

(Hotel informations)


This quote from the hotel’s website couldn’t be more true. This hotel is indeed a modernized beach boys’ culture marvel, a tribute to the laid back surfing way of life. The colors, the materials, the products, the location, everything is right on cue.

The setting

Moonstone Beach
Moonstone Beach by Cambria ©

But before I even get into the design of the hotel, let me describe how beautiful the overall environment is !
Just imagine yourself taking an early morning walk on the gorgeous Moonstone Beach. The fog is slowly clearing above the water. On the sand, sea lions are enjoying a sleepover. Here and there, surfers braving the cold water temperatures wait for the ultimate wave. Further in the distance, thanks to the binoculars we took from our rooms (part of the “adventure kits”), we can observe the whales playing and jumping out of the waters. Flying over, herds of birds dive like rockets in the water trying to catch their breakfast. The pure morning air is sharp, saline, reinvigorating, purifying. You’re zen !

The place

Cambria Beach Lodge
Standard Room © Cambria Beach Lodge

Now, everything I just described to you, this Central California Coast environment vibe, has been successfully transposed into the hotel design. Simple, laid back, environmentally conscious, you know you’re at the beach. You know you’re away from it all. A clean overall white atmosphere all the way to the white stained wood floors, contrasted by hints of turquoise and yellow on the walls and some of the fabrics (the ocean water and the sun), Raw wood bed headboard, fifties inspired accessories, wool, linens, surf inspired artworks by Iron & Resin, and great beauty products by la Compagnie de Provence turn this road motel into a little paradise.

Cambria Beach Lodge design details
Design Details © Cambria Beach Lodge

(You can even buy some of the accessories you find inside the rooms. We did get the bag, and funny enough, bumped into someone in our plane back to Dubai who had bought the same.)

The night was a blessing, where the sound of the breaking surf outside helped us reach nirvana.
For breakfast, we meet at the reception, a small room with breathtaking views on the ocean. Don’t expect the full on Continental breakfast here, but a more on the go type of options. Simple coffee and fruits, etc… Which is more than enough for us.

Cambria Beach Lodge
Breakfast room with the view on the ocean © Cambria Beach Lodge

In the end, it’s hard to leave paradise, and we envy those who have the chance to leave around the bay. All being said this is one of the best hotels we have stayed in during our road trip, and we absolutely recommend it when in Cambria.

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Hotel Informations



Cambria Beach Lodge
6180 Moonstone Beach Drive Cambria, CA 93428

phone: +1 805 927 4624


Price wise it was under 100$ because we booked on the same day. Average prices depending on the season range from under 100$ to 150$.